Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Infused Vodka

A while back, a coworker of mine graciously gave me a bunch (more like a bush) of rosemary. To be honest I held on to it for a couple of days. What in the world am I going to with these… limbs?
In short, I used the woody stems as skewers for shrimp, roasted chicken with the sprigs, and boiled mashed potatoes with the leaves. However, the approach that I anticipated the most was infusing vodka.
We combined 750mL of vodka with one 9” rosemary sprig and two 5” lavender thingies (isn’t “thingies” a standard recipe measurement?). Side note: Liz has named her lavender plant Lilly. I support it. We let it do its thing for 3-5 days and tested daily to get a gauge of where our herbal preference was. Yes, I thought testing daily was excessive too, but the infusion takes unusually large strides that are very interesting to the palette. When we found our preference we strained the concoction. It tasted great. I was proud of my liquid Frankenstein.
This is the point that I want to say,  "go try it" or “you’re welcome”. Except - You know when you have a beautiful bouquet of flowers and after a few days they start to wilt but aren’t yet dead? Yeah, it started to taste like that.
It wasn’t you science experiment. It was me. Maybe I didn’t do something right.  Maybe I didn’t show you enough love. However, you’re still going down the drain. Next experiment, hot pepper infused Whiskey. I’ve got high hopes for this one.