Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oklahoma Football In North Carolina

           Generally there are four seasons. Winter, spring, summer and fall. To a certain population, the epicenter being in Oklahoma, there are three seasons. Winter, summer and football. It took me moving to North Carolina to realize that Sooner football was not so easily accessible to the rest of world.

            During a wine tasting at West End Wine Bar, in downtown Durham, Liz and I spoke to our bartender about more than just wine. Javon is a Florida State fan and extremely accommodating. I asked him where we could watch an OU game when Saturday rolled around. He noted that he worked on Saturdays and could accommodate us during the game.

            Game day rolled around and we ventured out into Downtown Durham. To be honest, we knew what we were getting into. The city was full of people celebrating. There was a large battle of the bands fundraiser taking place at the American Tobacco Campus. The Pride parade had taken place earlier that day and there were continued celebrations all over the downtown area. Also, Duke students were out in full force as they celebrated homecoming. There were a lot of different kinds of people, anywhere and everywhere, out and about in the city of Durham.

            Long story short, Liz and I walked into the West End Wine Bar and had a great game day experience. Though the bar was full of people having drinks, people wearing tiaras, people having nice food and people celebrating Pride, we watched the University of Oklahoma football game. Javon allowed us to go into a separate room. The two of us sat at a full-length bar in an empty room. The two of us and no one else. The room held a few TVs, arcade games, a few high set tables with chairs and the OU game playing on one of the TV screens. Two Sooners sat, watched, cheered and hi-fived each other.

            Javon has won us over, not only with his wine knowledge, but also with his hospitality. As long as he will allow, West End Wine Bar will be our go to game day hang out.

            Boomer Sooner!