Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I have a nostalgic love for honeysuckles. For me the smell is directly tied to playing on Papa’s farm as a child. They will forever be one of my favorite springtime smells.

When Liz and I began discussing what to plant around our new home, honeysuckle was near the top of my list. To my surprise it has recently began to bloom in several places in our yard. The sweet smell that now hovers in the air makes being in the yard that much more enjoyable.

There is a certain timeless joy in pulling the pistil through the base of the flower before placing the smallest drop of nectar on the tip of your tongue.  I revisited that joy today, and thought that someone should somehow capture it. After some quick research I found that honeysuckle simple syrup is a thing. Excited, I spent the next hour outside – large mixing bowl in hand – picking four cups of the delicate, white flowers.

To my pleasant surprise, the end product captured the floral sweetness perfectly. I have successfully captured a childhood memory in liquid form. Now to mix it in cocktails, sweet tea, and flavored butter to top buttermilk biscuits.